Come to Ubatuba

mapagUbatuba is bordered to the north with the historic city of Paraty, State of Rio de Janeiro, to the south with Caraguatatuba (SP) and the west with the Paraíba Valley.

Coming out of Rio de Janeiro, your best option is the Rio-Santos highway.

Coming from Sao Paulo, choose:

1- Dutra highway or Ayrton Senna / Carvalho Pinto to São José dos Campos, Tamoios Highway to Caragua and Rio-Santos highway (towards Rio de Janeiro) to Ubatuba.

2- Dutra highway or Ayrton Senna / Carvalho Pinto highway to Taubaté and Osvaldo Cruz direct to Ubatuba.

ubaThe city of Ubatuba is located on the northern coast of São Paulo, 250 km away from the capital. Confined to the north with Paraty (Rio de Janeiro), the south with Caraguatatuba, west to Cunha, São Luiz do Paraitinga, Natividade da Serra and east by the Atlantic Ocean, finding themselves at latitude 23 ° 26’21, 45 “. the city is bisected by the Tropic of Capricorn, which crosses the city, passing in front of the runway of the local airport.

Ubatuba is surrounded by the Serra do Mar and its lush Atlantic Forest. Almost eighty percent of the territory of the city of Ubatuba is in preservation areas.

The State Park of Serra do Mar, created to protect and preserve the forest, has three cores in Ubatuba: Cunha-Indaiá, Santa Virginia and Picinguaba.

In addition, the city has a headquarters of the TAMAR Project, for the conservation of sea turtles along the Brazilian coast.

In fact, the city with 90,000 inhabitants, is known as the capital of São Paulo surfing, as well as an important center for the practice of sailing. Visitors and residents have over 100 beaches to choose from, so there is no reason to go home without getting a tan.